Weapons Offences

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Being charged with a weapons offence can be very serious

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Why it’s essential you hire an experienced criminal lawyer

Just because you’ve been charged with a weapon offence, that doesn’t mean you’ll be convicted. A lot weapon offence charges that go to court in Canada go unproven when individuals have proper legal representation.

Weapon Offence cases are complex and their hundreds of variables, do not assume that you do not have a defence. Often an experienced criminal lawyer will have huge list of possible legit defences that may allow your case to be dismissed.

What happens if you are convicted of a weapons offence?

This is a very broad offence category. A “weapons” offence could include possessing a knife for a dangerous purpose but without threat of serious harm or the pointing of a loaded firearm. Like all criminal offences the potential penalty will depend on the aggravating and mitigating circumstances of the offence and the offender and could range from an absolute discharge to a substantial period of time in the penitentiary. Certain weapons offences, most notably those involving firearms, include mandatory minimum sentences of imprisonment.

Individuals charged with a weapons offence may also be charged with other substantive criminal offences that were allegedly committed while using or in possession of the weapon.

Weapons offence FAQ

What are examples of weapons offences?

  • Weapons Dangerous – s. 88 of the Criminal Code, involves the possession of a weapon for a purpose dangerous to the public peace.
  • Carry Concealed Weapon – s. 90 of the Criminal Code, involves the concealment of a weapon.
  • Possession Offences – involves the mere possession of certain prohibited devices such as firearms (with the proper licence) and certain types of knives (eg. those that open with gravity or centrifugal force).
  • Use offences – careless use of a firearm, point firearm, etc.

What is a weapon?

S. 2 of the the Criminal Code defines a weapon as any thing used, designed to be used or intended for use in causing death or injury to any person or for the purpose of threatening or intimidating any person. Technically any object can be a weapon if its purpose is to threaten or intimidate. Certain other objects, such as household knives, may not be weapon’s unless their purpose is such. The section does specifically state that a firearm is a weapon.

Is it illegal to possess or carry a weapon?

It really depends on the purpose which the object is being possessed or carried and whether it meets the s. 2 definition of a weapon and whether it is concealed, prohibited, restricted, or carried for a dangerous purpose.

What is a prohibited weapon or device?

Prohibited weapons or devices are specific objects which are illegal to even possess. They do not need to meet the s. 2 definition of a weapon as the Criminal Code clearly defines what they are. An example is a knife that can open with gravity or centrifugal force.

How much does it cost to hire Adam Goodman for a weapons offence Matter?

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