Drug Offences

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Being charged with a drug offence can be extremely stressful and confusing

Let Adam Goodman help you. Adam Goodman practices criminal law in Greater Toronto Area and has the necessary experience in defending people who have been charged with a drug offence.

Adam has the know-how to be resourceful, aggressive & relentless in presenting the best possible case to defend your drug offence charges.

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Why it’s essential you hire an experienced criminal lawyer

Just because you’ve been charged with a drug offence, that does not mean you will be convicted. A lot drug offence charges that go to courts in Canada will go unproven when individuals have proper legal representation.

Even though it may not feel like it, remember you are on consider innocent until proven guilty. Drug offence cases are complex and there are hundreds of variables, do not assume that you do not have a defence.

An experienced criminal lawyer will have huge list of possible drug offence defences that may allow your case to be dismissed. This is why it is essential you hire a criminal attorney who has the experience in courts with defending drug offence charges.

What happens if you are convicted of a drug offence

Being convicted of a drug offence charge can be quite serious. Sentencing for various types of drug charges will vary based on the offence and the offender’s history with drug charges. Sentences can range from an absolute discharge to up to life in prison, in addition you may be required to pay fines up to $5000.

This is why it essential you seek the advice of a knowledgeable Toronto defence attorney to protect your rights.

Potential drug offence defences:

  • There is often an argument to be made that drug evidence should be excluded pursuant to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This occurs in cases of an an illegal search, improperly issued warrant, etc.
  • The Crown must prove a number of different factors for someone to be found guilty of a drug offence. For example they must prove the drug is what it is purported to be, and in cases of trafficking or possession for the purpose charges they must prove the drug was trafficked or was possessed for that purpose.

Drug offence FAQs:

Can drug offences be diverted?

The Crown will generally offer diversion for those caught with a small amount of marijuana for the first time. It is not unheard of for people to receive diversion for a second offence or for larger amounts of marijuana or for another drug, but this will often involve discussions with the Crown Attorney.

The officer searched me without a warrant, does this mean the evidence of the drugs will be excluded pursuant to the Charter?

First of all, a Judge will need to determine whether there was in fact a Charter violation. If there was then the court will then assess the circumstances to determine if it would be in the interests of the justice to exclude the evidence pursuant to s. 24(2) of the Charter.

How are drug offences prosecuted?

Unless the charge has been delegated to the province it is the responsibility of the federal government (often called the Federal Crown) to prosecute the charge. Depending on the nature of the charge the matter may be a summary charge and be tried in the Ontario Court of Justice or an indictable charge where the accused has the right to a preliminary inquiry and a jury trial.

I was caught red-handed, shouldn’t I just plead guilty?

Although the evidence in drug cases is often real and non-circumstantial the Crown still has to prove a number of different things before a court can find someone guilty. Pleading guilty takes this burden away from them. In many cases there may also be a worthwhile Charter argument which may result in the drug evidence being excluded.

How much does it cost to hire Adam Goodman for a drug offence matter?

In most cases, a retainer (usually between $2000-4000) is required to begin working on your matter. Depending on the circumstance, Adam may consider working on a contingency or partial contingency basis. Adam’s law practice offers payment plans and also accepts various forms of payment including debit and credit cards.

What should you do next?

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