Scarborough Criminal Law Defence

In Scarborough, there are people charged with a variety of criminal offences daily. It is critical that those accused are aware of their legal rights when it comes to the specifics of their case. To assist with this, it is imperative that charged individuals have a reliable and trustworthy criminal defense lawyer to call upon.

Failure to Comply with a Probation Order

If you have been charged with failure to comply with a probation order in Scarborough, you will want pursue the advice of a legal professional that has experience with this type of case. The courts typically find this offence to be of a serious nature as it displays disregard for the court system and the law. Adam Goodman is qualified to represent individuals who have been charged with this offence due to his professional background and previous experience.

Breach of Recognizance of Bail

Being charged with a breach of recognizance of bail in Scarborough is similar in the eyes of the courts to failure to comply with a probation order. This, again, is because the court system sees this as a disregard for court orders and the law in general. If you are convicted of a breach of recognizance of bail, you can face up to a period of time in jail depending on the specifics of your case. Hiring a criminal defence attorney will allow you to research defences you may be able to argue, with the end result of getting your charge dropped.

Bail Hearings

Bail hearings should be taken very seriously, as it will decide how long an individual must stay in custody and the amount the individual must pay in order to return to their home residing. When the courts are making the decision on whether or not to release a person in custody, they look at three aspects: (1) Whether the accused person will definitely show up for their court dates; (2) Whether the accused person will be likely to commit further crimes once released; and, (3) Whether keeping the person in custody is mandatory to maintain certainty in the justice system. If you are experiencing a bail hearing situation, call Adam Goodman for a free assessment on your legal rights in regard to your case.

Weapons Offences

Weapon offences have an extensive list of varied charges – and each separate offence will hold a different punishment. In addition, some individuals can be charged with other criminal offences at the same time as they are using or in possession of the weapon in question. For example, an individual may have attempted to use a knife on another individual, and therefore, could receive a weapons offence on top of an assault charge. Knowing your legal rights in regard to weapon offences is crucial to your case, and the ability to possibly get the case dismissed.

If you are charged with a criminal offence, it is smart to contact one of Adam Goodman’s Toronto offices today for a free assessment regarding your specific charges. This will assist you in narrowing out your options, and working on keeping your record clean.