Richmond Hill Criminal Defence Lawyer

Our law practice knows that having to hire a defence attorney can be distressing for individuals in many ways – financially, emotionally and even can take a toll on one’s physical health. That is why it is important to hire a professional law firm that knows what they are doing both in and out of the courts. Adam Goodman has the experience and knowledge that is necessary for defending against criminal cases.

Assault (Non-Sexual)

Assault charges have the tendency to be pretty complex and confusing to those being charged. It has a major effect on one’s stress levels and anxiety or fears. Punishments for assault cases do vary on a case by case basis, however, one can face up to 14 years in custody if the courts decide the charges are serious enough. Hiring a professional defence attorney will increase your chances of lowering your assault charges, or even getting the case dismissed.

Prostitution and Solicitation

If you are charged with either prostitution or solicitation in the Richmond Hill area, it can be very stressful and humiliating. You should make it a point to contact a criminal defence attorney to aid you in understanding and fully comprehending your legal rights, as well as the details of entire case. With various types of prostitution and solicitation offences, it may be difficult without the help of a professional to understand what you are truly being charged with.

Breaking and Entering

Are you being charged with a breaking and entering offence? Adam Goodman can provide you a free assessment regarding the details of your breaking and entering charge, and advise you on your legal rights. You are innocent until proven guilty, so it is never a good idea to just plead guilty when there are possible defence reasons that may get your case dismissed.


In Richmond Hill, being charged with theft can be pretty difficult for one to understand. Technically, theft is taking something that is not your personal belonging from another individual without their permission. However, there are some potential defences that one can utilize to try and get their theft offence dropped. Through contacting a criminal defence lawyer, you will receive professional and qualified advice on your legal rights, and how to go about your specific case.

Adam Goodman specializes in many other practice areas as well, including: Bail Hearings, Sexual Assault, Shoplifting, Impaired & Over 80, Weapons Offences, Robbery, Fraud, Uttering Threats, Drug Offences, Education/Academic Law, Regulatory Offences, Failure to Comply with a Probation Order, and Breach of Recognizance of Bail. Contact Adam today for a free assessment in regard to your criminal offence case.