Mississauga Criminal Lawyer

Having to hire an attorney in Mississauga can be a very stressful process for any individual charged with a criminal offence. Adam Goodman believes that providing open communication and being upfront and truthful with clients is extremely important when representing a client. Some of the areas that Adam specializes in within the Mississauga area include: Drug Offences, Robbery, Bail Hearings, and Weapons Offences.

Drug Offences

When facing a drug offence, it can be scary and confusing for an individual, especially if he or she is unaware of how to approach the case. Even if you are charged with drug-related offences, that does not mean you are immediately found guilty. There are certain defences that can be implemented by proper representation in order to get the charges dismissed. The best plan of action when served with drug charges is to contact experienced legal representation to assist with all of your questions and concerns.


When someone is accused of robbery, it typically involves the use of violence or threat of violence in one way or another. An individual may feel extreme distress and anxiety when given robbery charges. It is important to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty – and there are some potential defences in which may result in getting your robbery charges dropped. Contacting a criminal lawyer will often provide you with a list of resources to help get your case dismissed.

Bail Hearings

Whether you have acquired minor charges or major charges, a bail hearing should be taken very seriously. Determining one’s bail is a complex process that can create a lot of stress, both financially and emotionally. Adam Goodman represents clients with bail hearings in the Mississauga area by developing strategic plans with the client, as well as maintaining open communication with the client. It is vital to hire a criminal defence attorney in regard to bail hearings so that you fully understand and comprehend all aspects in relation to your bail terms.

Weapons Offences

Another very serious charge in Mississauga is when an individual is given a weapons offence. There is an array of examples of weapons offences, which is why it is important to make sure you receive the best assessment from a criminal defence lawyer to help you find out your options. Certain weapons, such as firearms, result in a mandatory minimum sentence in custody. Adam has the knowledge and resources to assist charged individuals with appropriate defences in order to get their case dismissed.

Adam Goodman has years of experience as a Toronto defence attorney, with background in a variety of practice areas. If you have been charged with a criminal offence in Mississauga, give Adam a call to receive a free assessment and investigate your alternatives to just simply pleading guilty.