Fake CNE Tickets Not a New Problem

Last week, as The Ex was into its first week of the 2013 season, Toronto Police warned those heading to the fair to beware of fake tickets being sold outside the grounds.  Details on the issue can be found here.

This is not a new issue for Toronto-area attractions.  I have over the years received a few calls for those arrested in connection with the sale of Wonderland tickets.  In the case of the CNE tickets it would appear that the tickets themselves are fake – essentially a counterfeit.  The Wonderland scam that I have encountered, details of which can be found here, is somewhat different in that the tickets themselves are not counterfeit and are otherwise valid, working tickets (although Wonderland may cancel them) that have been purchased with stolen credit card data.

Obviously the advice provided in both news stories is that the safest way to ensure the validity of tickets purchased is to buy them directly from the vendor.  This seems like common sense, but unfortunately people still get scammed and decide to purchase tickets at a price that seems too good to be true.

In many cases those charged for such offences are young people looking to make an easy few bucks.  The consequences for getting caught up in such activity can be severe.  A criminal conviction, especially for a crime of dishonesty such as these ones, can carry long-term consequences making it difficult to find employment in many different areas.

This blog post was written by Toronto Criminal Lawyer Adam Goodman. Adam can be reached at 416-477-6793 or by email at adam@aglaw.ca.

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