Etobicoke Criminal Defence Lawyer

Adam Goodman is a Toronto Criminal Defence Attorney, who specializes in criminal cases within the Etobicoke area. Some of the top crimes in Etobicoke include: Prostitution and Solicitation, Robbery, Theft, Fraud, and Sexual Assault. With years of experience, Adam Goodman has the skills and resources to help individuals that are charged with these offences.

Prostitution and Solicitation

If you have been charged with a prostitution or solicitation offence, call Adam Goodman today to receive a free assessment regarding your specific case. There are a variety of prostitution charges, and how severe the punishment will be depends on the circumstances of that specific case. Through the assistance of a professional defence lawyer, individuals charged with prostitution or solicitation can decrease the risk of minor or severe penalties.


Being charged with a robbery offence in Etobicoke can be extremely distressing and financially draining on an individual. Robbery offences can be confusing, and those charged may not know exactly what to do at first. Contacting a defence attorney that has the knowledge and resources to defend your case is the best possible solution. Adam Goodman maintains open communication with his clients and is committed to presenting the most appropriate defence while representing clients charged with robbery.


Have you been charged with a theft offence? It is essential to consult a professional criminal defence attorney so that you are aware of the potential consequences. Being convicted of a theft offence can result anywhere from a diversion program to jail time. There are many potential theft defences that can be used to dismiss your case, and by hiring a defence lawyer, you will increase your options for defence.


It is highly stressful and pretty confusing being charged with a fraud offence in Etobicoke. If you are charged with a fraud offence of over $5000, this can result in a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison. If you are charged with a fraud offence of under $5000, this can even result in a maximum sentence of two years in prison. Contact Adam Goodman today to discover what options you have for defence.

Sexual Assault

When an individual is charged with sexual assault, it is a very severe offence that can result in damaging effects. The punishment will range depending on the details of the case, but the maximum sentence can be up to 14 years in prison. There are potential defences for sexual assault charges, such as consent or factual innocence. Contacting an experienced criminal defence attorney can help you explore what defences are available.

Adam Goodman specializes in many other practices areas in the Etobicoke, from drug offences to bail hearings – among many other criminal offences. Contact one of his Toronto law offices today for a free assessment to examine your defence options.