Chief Justice McLachlin on Access to Justice

At last weekend’s Canadian Bar Association legal conference Chief Justice McLachlin addressed the issue of access to justice for Canadians as part of an address to those in attendance.  The topic of access to justice was the subject of a summary report released at the conference (which I blogged about yesterday).

In this short video, various comments by the Chief Justice are made on the subject.  Clearly this is an issue that she is well aware of and hopes to address.  Of particular note was this comment:  “People can be, and are, totally incapacitated by the fact that they can’t resolve their legal grievance until it overcomes them, and their lives are ruined, their lives are ruined and their contribution economically and socially to society is diminished”.  The Chief Justice went on to explain how Justice is not a “frill” and providing access to justice is something we should care about “on a matter of principle”.

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