Day 1 of CES: Good Morning from Las Vegas

I’m writing from the “press lounge” at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.  This conference is massive:  supposedly over 100,000 people in town for the event.

The first few days didn’t work out exactly as planned.  CES rules didn’t qualify aglawblog for blogger status as the site didn’t have enough hits last month.  I wasn’t about to be locked-out of the show, so I contacted Professor Fodden at SLAW for a letter confirming my arrangement to write a couple articles for them.  That did the trick.

The convention floor doesn’t seem to officially open until 10am.  My plan is to spend much of the day walking about and taking a look at technology to see whether it can be utilized in a small-firm environment.  While toys are fun, I’ll be looking to see what devices can make practice more productive.  Increased producitivity, of course, will give us more time to focus on the needs of our clients.

Whether my attendance at this conference will turn out to be worthwhile is still up in the air.  For the most part, those here are consumer electronics industry professionals (and press that cover the industry).  My goals for the show are much different than most in attendance.

Tonight I will be attending the Mashable Awards at New York New York.  Mashable is a company that provides news on social media and technology.  I had never heard of them before signing-up for this show but have been extremely impressed with their web site and Twitter feed.  Expect to spend a good amount of time reading over their articles.

I’ll check-in later today or tomorrow with a report on what I found at the show today as well as my plan for tomorrow.  Please follow my Twitter feed for live tweeting over the next few days.

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