First Initial Consultation

The fee for a one-hour consultation for all matters is $250 (plus HST). I am prepared to offer a $50 discount for those who pre-pay either by credit card or another payment method at least 24 hours prior to their scheduled appointment. For those who end up retaining my services this fee will go towards the initial retainer and there will be no charge for the initial consultation.

Criminal Matters

Private Retainers

I prefer to bill on a block fee basis. I will generally quote a fee for resolution of your matter prior to the setting of a trial or preliminary inquiry date and an additional fee for each court date where evidence is scheduled to be heard (trial, sentencing, etc.). This fee is payable regardless of whether the hearing commences as planned. There are additional fees should a judicial pre-trial be required and for any work required with respect to bail (generally billed on an hourly basis). Billing on a block fee basis allows you to have a better idea of how much your legal fees will be as well as allow you to speak with me and ask questions when required without having to incur additional fees every time you do so. I also do not bill for incidental fees such as photopying, mailing, couriers, hiring of agents, etc. In cases where it is difficult to quote a fee at the outset (eg. when disclosure has not been provided; matters that may have a large amount of disclosure; summary advice before charges are laid, etc.) it may be necessary to begin by billing an hourly rate and possibly switching over to a block fee later on.

All of my private retainer clients sign designations. This allows me or another person with my instructions to attend court on your behalf until such a time as you are required to be there.

I will always require a retainer prior to commencing work on a criminal file. The initial retainer will generally be 1/3 of the fee for a one-day hearing. An additional 1/3 will be due within 4-6 weeks and the final 1/3 will be due three months prior to the hearing.

Legal Aid

The general rule for qualifying for a legal aid certificate is that you must meet certain financial criteria set by Legal Aid Ontario and be facing the potential of a custodial disposition. It is best to apply for legal aid early in the process as it may take some time to gather any documentation that is required to properly assess your application. A decision on your application may also not occur until the Crown’s sentencing position is relayed in the initial disclosure package.

While I will not accept all legal aid certificates, I will consider doing so for those with charges proceeding in GTA courthouses.

For more information on legal aid and to find out where to apply, see the Legal Aid Ontario web site.

Civil and Tribunal Matters

Depending on the nature of the matter a block fee may be possible, although such matters will often proceed on an hourly basis. In most cases I will require a retainer at the outset. In rare cases I will consider a contingency fee arrangement however the client will still be responsible for all disbursements as well as any cost awards.

Other Services

Notary Public (fees are to notarize a prepared document; drafting services are extra).

First document: $50.

Each additional document: $20.


First document: $25.

Each additional document: $10.

Independent Legal Advice

Bank loan, line of credit, mortgage, etc.: $250.

Domestic complainant: approx. $350.

Separation agreement: approx. $400-800.

Demand Letter

Collections, cease & desist, etc.: approx. $250