A Very Special Birthday

Thirty years ago today Canadians received a gift.  Since then the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms has become the envy of the world.  Thanks to the hard work of Pierre Trudeau, Jean Chretien, and their team, the Charter sets out, in very clear language, the rights and freedoms of Canadians and those living in Canada.  These include such basic things such as language, democratic, equality and mobility rights.  These basic rights, which many of us hold for granted, are not a given in many countries around the world.  Here in Canada they are.

For many lawyers the Charter is often a foreign concept.  This isn’t the case in criminal law where Charter issues are litigated on a daily basis.  By protecting one’s Charter rights in cases where they are up against the infinite resources of the state, and having courts respect these rights no matter what crime an individual is accused of, only highlights how rights and liberties are paramount in our country.  I firmly believe that protecting the rights of those who have been accused of crimes only helps solidifies the rights of all Canadians.

The Charter is uniquely Canadian and something which we should all be proud.

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